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Stephen Austin, based in Hertford, have been printing since 1768. This rich printing heritage makes us one of the longest-established printing companies in the UK. Within the education sector, we are a leading security printer and specialist provider of high-stakes examinations and supporting materials.


Therefore, we understand the need for inclusivity and offer several solutions which enable students of all abilities to participate in the assessment process. We also understand the impact that education has around the world. We print exam papers in 92 languages and deliver them to over 160 countries worldwide.


Stephen Austin recognises that young people are our future within the printing sector and supports 'Young People in Print'.


ASL is a nationwide supplier for print related equipment and software to all industry sectors.  As a sponsor of the Educate Awards and supporting a high number of education establishments, ASL sees the importance of encouraging young people, in all walks of life. The print industry represents a key area for employment and as such ASL is happy to help increase awareness.

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We have always been lovers of all things print, we believe passionately that nothing can deliver defining brand moments in the way that a beautifully printed piece can.

Whether it be packaging, a book, a box, a brochure, or something as simple as a business card. The first impression that the right choice of materials/processes/finishes can deliver is second to none. Print has an important part to play in how businesses communicate, but it has to be done right. Impactful/effective printing is about so much more than ink on paper, it starts with a close relationship between designer and printer, even the best design needs to work in harmony with production processes to deliver its message effectively.


Nutshell Creative are a full-service creative marketing agency based in Milton Keynes. They’ve been in the business of helping brands get creative for over 18 years. Their services include graphic design, website design, marketing campaigns, social media, and events. 

More recently, Nutshell Trade Services was born from an overwhelming need for creative and marketing support within the print sector, offering the same great services with a focus on helping the print industry supply chain grow and win new business. As one of print’s biggest advocates, Nutshell supports the printing industry by pioneering print as a part of the marketing mix. They are proud to support Young People in Print to future-proof both the printing industry and supporting industries. 


PHD Marketing is a print and packaging 360’ international marketing agency based in Wakefield. Led by Jo Stephenson, a passionate advocate of attracting and retaining young talent in the packaging industry, the team works with its clients to encourage apprenticeships, training and development, as well as proactively works with groups like YPIP to encourage the next generation to enter the print and packaging sector.


Vpress, a leading Web2Print company, specialises in providing innovative solutions to streamline and enhance the print industry's digital workflow. With a focus on cutting-edge technology, Vpress empowers businesses to efficiently manage their print processes through web-based platforms, enabling seamless customisation, ordering, and production.


Recognising the importance of fostering talent and cultivating interest in the print sector among the younger generation, Vpress is eager to get involved in the 'Young People in Print' organization. By supporting this initiative, Vpress aims to contribute to the education and exposure of young individuals to the dynamic and evolving landscape of print. 

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